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       Rubber magnet division was founded in 2001, mainly produce electric motor magnetic strip, extrusion magnetic strip, magnetic roll used for craftworks, rubber soft magnetic slice, rubber NdFeB, magnetic ring used for precise motors, magnetic rotor used for frequency conversion motor, injection magnetic ring, injection NdFeB, magnetic granule and other products. Our products has been widely used in premium automobile sensor, such as seat motor, sunroof motor, EPS system and other motors.

        We have German and Japanese granulating production lines, fully-automatic central feeding system, fully-automatic injection molding machines, constant automatic magnetizing equipment, automated production line for halogen-free magnetic stripe used in micro motor and automated production line for ultrathin rubber magnetic sheet used in crafts. We have annual production of 1500 tons of magnetic granule, 80 million pieces of magnet rings, 3 million injection molding rotors, 2000 tons of magnetic stripes for motor, and 12000 tons of rubber magnetic sheets.

The division was established in December 1995. It has more than 20 affiliated factories.
The division engages in the research, development and production of series of hard ferrite magnets and it is the world’s largest magnet manufacturer with the most complete product specifications and strongest technical force.
The division has an annual capacity of 55 thousand tons of loudspeaker ring magnets, 40 thousand tons of arc magnets, 10 thousand tons of square magnets, 25thousand tons of microwave oven magnets, 1000 tons of dry press cutting, 2 hundred tons of bonded magnets and 50 million sets of motor housing and motor stators.



With the National Post-Doctoral Research Center and Provincial Magnetic Products Quality Testing Center as its subsidiaries, Soft Ferrite Division (SFD) has its 13 plants all equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipments for soft magnetic materials. It can provide customers with one-stop service in research and development, design and production of soft magnetic series product. It mainly produces all series of 4 types of soft magnetic materials, namely, MnZn power ferrite cores, MnZn high permeability ferrite cores, NiZn ferrite cores and alloy powder cores over thousands of specifications with annual capacity over 35 thousand tons. The division is the largest and the most complete manufacturing and export base for soft ferrite cores in China.




      The division was founded in 1995, specializing in the research, development and production of various kinds of specifications and properties of hard ferrite strontium, barium sintered powder, bonded powder and special microwave powder. It has seven professional manufacturing factories with the annual output of more than 150,000 tons and over 70% of the domestic market share. It has become the world's largest pre-sintered material production base.
The division has the most advanced dry and wet powder pre-sintered ferrite powder production equipment. The powder quality is stable and it is awarded as China Top Brand and National Inspection-exempt Product.

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