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The division is a green sunrise industry specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services in solar wafers, cells, modules, photovoltaic power system and related applications.
It has world-advanced screen printing machine, silicon crystal-pulling furnace, slicing machine, cleaning equipments, the diffusion furnace, PECVD, sintering furnace, the automatic testing equipment and automatic modules production line and so on.

The main products currently include 125 single crystal solar cells, 156 single (multi) crystalline solar cells, 125 single crystal silicone wafers, 156 single (multi) crystalline silicon wafers, quarts crucible, modules and so on.


  Solar Energy Division link: http://www.dmegcsolar.com/


DMEGC Solar PV Investment and Development Division was established in May, 2012, which is specialized in development, investment, construction and operation of grid-connected and BIPV projects.

Since the establishment, the division has been upholding the culture of DMEGC and relying on the advantages of DMEGC’s own integrated industrial chain and has made the development strategy of “ relying mainly on Zhejiang、Gansu markets and supplemented by Qinghai、Yunnan markets” and has expanded actively in “Golden Sun” and ground-mounted PV projects.  The division owns a strong team with a number of professionals who are rich in experience and has the common goal with the company. The division has commissioned the largest roof top projects in China, which demonstrates its advanced technology in the development and utilization of renewable energy and the company’s concept of environment protection in ecological architectures.

Taking the opportunity of China’s surging solar PV market, the division is specialized in providing professional and effective one-step solution for solar PV systems. The division is endeavoring to become one of the most famous solar PV investors and developers in 3 to 5 years so as to change the traditional energy concept in people’s mind and contribute to the national’s energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as clean energy industry.   
  DMEGC Solar PV Investment and Development Division:
  Fax:+86-579-8658 8659
  Tel:+86-579-8658 8439
  Project Development:+86-579-8631 0608

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