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Hard alloy plant is a backbone plant of DMEGC, as well as the R & D cooperation unit with China's army  research institute.

It was founded in 1993. It has advanced facilities and production processes with capacity of 400 tons of tungsten carbibe powder and 200 tons of carbide anvil. The plant has acquired ISO9001 quality system certificate.。 The main products cover carbide anvil, diamond substrate and non-standard products,including high-speed wire rod rolling, cold upsetting die, non-magnetic alloy products, sealing rings,drawing die, cutting tools, mining and oil drilling mining tool column teeth and etc. The products are widely used in artificial diamond, super - hard material, powder metallurgy, the iron and steel, military products, the mining, machinery and electronics industries.
Its non-magnetic hard alloy and manufacturing process have obtained national invention patent: 03124256.1   



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