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With "More caring for life" as its brand faith, and "let the people drink clean water, breathe fresh air, enjoy a better working and living environment" as the goal, the division carefully nurtured "DMEGC Jiaai " brand with scientific innovation  management as the center, to implement scientific research and product, service and marketing, brand and development as the core of sustainable development strategy, promote human household life demand, promoting rapid development of human health industry.
The main products cover household drinking water purifier series, kitchen ultrafiltration water purifier, central water purifier, RO drinking water purifier series, high magnetic activated water purifier series, water softener series, pre - filter series, air purifier series and etc.


  DMEGC Jiaai Purifying Technology Division link:http://www.dcjiaai.com/



Dongyang DMEGC New Energy Co., Ltd was set up in July, 2012, specializing in the production of water gas. In order to put an end to the dark smoke by coal sintering and reduce the sulfur dioxide contamination upon environment caused by burning coal, oil and coal tar as well as improve local people’s living condition, we are changing the current coal burning and electric kilns into gas kilns to improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption of unit as well as the production cost for our magnetic products. At the same time, some other series of technical measures are adopted such as Waste Heat Recovery has improved the production efficiency and saved energy, contributing to the industry upgrade. So far, our company has been equipped with 2 sets of cold gas generators of 3.6m two-section style, achieving good results in economy, environment and social profit.
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