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Development History
Honor Award units Years
Company tax broke through 300 million yuan. 2012.12
Eliminated high energy intensive pollution equipment such as coal kiln to speed up the implementation of coal to gas projects, "golden sun" such large engineering project construction, and vigorously develop the pattern of circular economy and the transfo 2012.05
Awarded as "China magnet city” by China electronic components industry association 2011.01
Implemented lean Management From R & D to mass production, from product line to final products delivery, from raw materials to finished products, from the management system to quality control system and from cost control to profit optimization, DMEGC has 2010.02
DMEGC obtained National Spark Program Certificate and National Torch Program Certificate. 2008.11
Awarded as Corporate Credit Rating of AAA by the Bank of China 2008.07
DMEGC trademark was awarded China Famous Brand, and was awarded as National Quality Trustworthy Unit by the National Quality Assessment Center. 2006.06
Issued IPO and successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. 2006.08
Assessed as the National Spark Export-oriented Enterprises by the National Science and Technology Department. 2002.07
The first one to acquire ISO9001 Quality System Certification in Magnetic industry 1996.06
DMEGC was one of the “Top 100 Enterprises of China’s Electronic Industry”. 1994.04
The Company's annual output reached over 100 million yuan 1992.12
Fullly implemented TQC Management 1987.05
Mr. Xu Wenrong founded the first magnet manufacturing plant 1980.04
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