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Social Responsibility

DMEGC always attaches importance to personnel training. Over the years, it cultivates lots of talents with solid theory and rich experience for its subsidiaries and the society.


The company has set up a DMEGC Research Institute, DMEGC Management Institute, and the first Post-Doctors R&D Station approved by the Ministry of Personnel. In 2012, DMEGC Academicians & Experts Working-station was approved to be the authentic organization in Zhejiang Province.


As a public listed enterprise, our company is also bearing the social responsibilities and passing the passion of love to its employees.


In 2007, the company started "Show Your Love” activity to help people in poor areas in Qinghai and donated about 20,000 clothes.


In 2008, the earthquake disaster happened in Wenchuan. DMEGC quickly set up rescue team and organized donations for disaster relief, reaching over CNY2.3 million.


Since 2007, DMEGC has been setting up “Love Fund”, dedicated to help employees suffering family difficulties by natural and other disasters or serious illness. It has already helped 191 staffs with the total funds of CNY968, 000.

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